Crisis is not all that Elliot Sloane’s firm does, but over the past couple of years it has become apparent that the agency’s roots in the financial communications arena, coupled with its growing expertise in public affairs, have made it one of the go-to firms in New York for high-profile crisis and issues work that goes beyond financial transaction work to include a surprisingly wide range of high-profile “special situation.” Over the past couple of years, Sloane & Company has worked with a coalition of companies including AT&T, Cisco and Viacom put together an alliance to help content providers protect their copyright interests; provided counsel to T. Boone Pickens on an award-winning initiative to ensure that natural gas was part of the national energy debate; helped Cablevision with the campaign against a new West Side sports’ stadium in Manhattan; was called in to provide PR support to several victims of the Bernie Madoff scandal; and in 2009 was hired to represent the bondholders of General Motors and secure a better settlement than bondholders received in similar situation, and helped a defense contractor secure budget for a controversial program.

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