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Founded in 1998, Sloane & Company is an industry-leading strategic communications firm. We are known for our intelligence, creativity and focus on getting results. Sloane operates as an independent subsidiary of leading public affairs firm SKDK.


WHY WE’RE DIFFERENT: We have served as trusted advisors on hundreds of high-stakes matters for some of the most prominent companies, organizations and leaders in the business world. Unlike other firms, the senior members of the team are deeply involved in the account and serve as your strategic partners every day. We reject a one-size-fits-all approach, and tailor communications strategies that resonate across audiences.



WHO WE WORK WITH: We work with companies of all sizes, from some of the most prominent and recognizable Fortune 10 companies to small-cap firms and start-ups. Our communications experts have deep knowledge across industries and sectors and are adept at learning all aspects of a client’s business.

Corporate Communications

Our focus is on supporting our clients’ corporate and business strategies while enhancing and protecting their reputations.  We achieve this by understanding the challenges and opportunities facing our clients and then developing and executing multi-faceted media relations, thought leadership and corporate positioning programs that reach the right audiences to deliver results.  Sloane & Company has deep relationships and hard-won credibility with all levels of the media, and our team takes pride in consistently generating creative new ideas around content and tactics to deliver success for our clients. 

Our communications programs include:

      • Executive positioning and thought leadership
      • Contributed content such as by-lined articles / op-eds, LTEs
      • Editorial board briefings
      • Serving as on the record spokespeople
      • Executive speech drafting
      • Employee communications
      • Media & presentation training
      • Conference and speaking engagements
      • Real-time media tracking and analysis


We are media relations experts. We have solid, long-standing ties to key reporters, anchors, producers and editors at the top national and business media outlets across the board and we understand how to capitalize on online and social media opportunities to advance the dialogue further.

Relationships and access represent only a piece of the media relations puzzle. We grow our clients’ media landscape and create opportunities every day through discovery and creativity. For example, we like to say there are ten ways to get in the Wall Street Journal and often times the least obvious can offer the greatest return.


We have advised boards, C-suite executives and investors on hundreds of shareholder activism situations. Pound for pound, no other communications firm has worked on as many of these matters in recent years. We know what it takes to win and differentiate ourselves by rejecting a “one size fits all” playbook – instead delivering constantly evolving communications strategies built on experience in the trenches. 

Our services include:

      • Strategic counsel
      • Media relations and investor relations
      • Messaging and materials development 
      • Proxy advisory presentations and preparation
      • Digital support – creating campaign websites, digital advertising, SEO, etc.
      • Internal, customer and partner communications  
      • Corporate governance advisory


High stakes transactions require a communications partner who is sophisticated, battle-tested and able to activate immediately. At Sloane, these attributes are core to our DNA. We advise clients on all types of M&A, including friendly mergers, hostile offers, and equity and debt transactions, as well as SPAC transactions and IPOs. Our team is highly adept at supporting every element of the deal, from communicating transaction value and rationale at launch to managing the integration and regulatory approval process through close – taking into account audiences from Wall Street to Main Street.

Our services include:

      • Strategic counsel
      • Media relations and investor relations
      • Messaging and materials development 
      • Digital support – creating deal websites, digital advertising, SEO, etc.
      • Internal, customer and partner communications  
      • Public affairs and regulatory communications


We advise companies and organizations on issues spanning crisis, litigation, restructuring and C-suite transitions, among other matters. These situations require a nuanced understanding of the unique position and needs of your business and a communications strategy that reassures all key audiences (from employees, to investors, to customers / partners as well as regulators). We work closely with your full advisor team to ensure that your communications seamlessly support and complement your legal, financial and business aims.

Our services include:

      • Strategic counsel
      • Media relations and investor relations
      • Messaging and materials development 
      • Digital support – creating deal websites, digital advertising, SEO, etc.
      • Internal, customer and partner communications  
      • Polling and sentiment assessment
      • Public affairs and regulatory communications


At Sloane & Company, we believe every publicly traded company has a compelling story and an audience who will listen. Our Investor Relations practice specializes in helping clients clearly and effectively communicate to Wall Street. We advocate for strong company-investor relationships, realistic statements of investor-related goals, and strictly controlled disclosure.  From the pre-IPO stage through the public offering and into the secondary market, Sloane & Company offers full-service investor relations counseling and execution, including:

      • Market research / perception audits
      • Shareholder communications / outreach
      • External communication drafting, editing and dissemination
      • Investment community targeting / marketing / feedback
      • Access to a strong network of Wall Street influencers
      • Analyst/shareholder presentations development and training
      • Financial metric and content analysis
      • Market intelligence
      • IR focused social media campaigns
      • Counsel on short-sale campaigns
      • Private company programs 



Digital communications continues to take on new importance in a socially distant world. Brands need to prioritize digital communications tools as they navigate new ways of working.

We believe that digital communications and social media need to be part of a fully integrated communications plan so that digital strategies work as a mechanism to amplify our clients’ overall communications goals. We utilize a creative, data-driven approach to guide our digital strategies and optimize digital communications efforts to ensure we’re reaching the right audiences with the right messages and driving value for our clients. For more information on Sloane’s Digital, Creative and Analytics practice, email us a Digital@SloanePR.com.

Our Digital Services include:

      • Digital listening & audits
      • Audience analysis & persona development
      • Graphic design
      • Web design
      • Creative & branding strategies
      • Social media strategy & implementation
      • Data analytics, monitoring & reporting
      • Integrated digital strategies
      • Social media advertising
      • Search engine optimization (SEO)
      • Search engine marketing (SEM)


Companies that identify and manage long-term risks associated with ESG are better equipped to succeed in highly competitive markets. Integrating sustainability aspects can result in better strategies and organizational strengths, making the organization more attractive to investors and key stakeholders.

We offer a wide range of services to build and grow a comprehensive ESG communications program designed to help our clients effectively and constructively engage with shareholders, optimize content to improve ESG scores and demonstrate that ESG is fully integrated as part of the overall business strategy.

Our ESG Services include:

      • Benchmark audit and analysis
      • Materiality assessment
      • Roadmap and recommendations
      • Investor and key stakeholder targeting, messaging, and engagement
      • Board presentations and briefings
      • Sustainability report strategy and development
      • Website development and optimization

We offer the full spectrum of paid media and advertising services. We view paid media as part of the holistic campaign strategy when addressing corporate needs, allowing us to reach audiences where they are. We offer paid media support for all corporate needs including reputation management, crisis communications, shareholder activism, mergers & acquisitions, and marketing.

Our Paid Media Services include:

      • Campaign Strategy & Management

      • Message Development

      • Audience Targeting

      • Media Buying

      • Creative Development & Production


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