As we turn the page on 2020 and open a fresh chapter in 2021 with President Biden, a new Administration and a new Congress, it’s important that companies take a close look at what has worked—and not worked—when it comes to the crises and issues of the past year. And it’s equally important that they prepare for the year ahead, which will bring new challenges—but also new opportunities—to engage in a much different political, social and regulatory climate.

When the Stagwell Group provided the capital for SKDK to acquire Sloane & Company in February 2020, the fundamental premise was that two strategic communications firms working together, one with expertise in public affairs and the other in financial communications, would offer compelling growth opportunities. It would enable clients to tap into experienced executives recognized for providing advice, counsel and execution to address some of the most complicated and compelling communications crises and opportunities, whether in public policy or the public markets.

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